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High-rate, lower cost and uniform quality CNC-robotic weld profiling in
wind turbine support structures

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The MAX TM401 is a mobile 6-axis motion milling robot for high rate, lower cost and operator independent quality weld profiling and fatigue strength improvement in wind turbine support structures.


CNC-quality profiling of inside and outside circumferential welds in monopiles, transition pieces and wind turbine tower sections


1,200 mm/min. weld profiling at 3.2 mm Ra surface finish


Laser-guided tracking and laser-controlled milling to flush or below weld toe level


Single-cycle operation removal of both weld face and weld toe undercuts


Algorithm controlled profiling of different weld geometries


75 dB and dust-free operation with vacuum evacuation of shavings

Reduce cost of weld profiling by up to 80 %

Project simulations and Machine Rate Calculations suggests that the 20-fold increase in productivity over manual weld profiling delivered by our MAX TM401 robot translates into an up to 80 percent reduction in cost per meter weld profiling compared to manual belt and disc grinding.

We know that actual and project specific weld profiling cost reductions delivered by the TM401 may vary, depending on several factors. We invite you to meet and together calculate possible cost savings to your wind turbine support structure project(s).

MAX TM401: An operator-independent weld profiling and fatigue strength improvement method delivering higher productivity, uniform quality and lower cost
- and which may enable new fatigue design standards.