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MAX is back in the workshop for its next iteration upgrade

The MAX TM401 is back in our workshop and is resting all of its almost 1,400 kilos on the floor. The covers are off and higher capacity hydraulics and the latest version of our proprietary chatter suppression solution have been fitted. Our PLC specialist, Magnus is hard at work programming the robot’s electronics to ensure full performance use of the latest upgrades.

Laser-guided 6-axis motion controlled by industrial machine learning algorithms allows the CNC-tool on the TM401 to always be positioned at the depth, on the line and with the angle required for achieving uniform quality profiling of both inside and outside circumferential welds in wind turbine support structures.

When the upgrade is complete the beta prototype TM401 is off to a producer of wind turbine support structures to be demonstrated in one of their production facilities.

We look forward to being able to announce the demonstration in more detail and to collect additional data in support of the robot’s capacity to increase productivity in weld profiling 20-fold, deliver uniform quality and to reduce the cost of fatigue strength improvement by up to 80 %.

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